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This site is all about the celebrations of the Christmas season!

Whatever the gathering we have bingo games to get your guests involved and help everyone to have a good time!

This is a sister site to my Uncommon Courtesy site. With more than 200 bingo games and concentration sets on my Uncommon Courtesy site, it seemed like the time to develop a few sites that focused on specific holidays or content areas.

Announcing UCC's Bingo for Charities Program!

Would you like to benefit your favorite charity by shopping on any of my UnCommon Courtesy sites? There are 4 great ways that you can have me donate to your favorite charity, get a rebate for using one of my games at a charitable event, or get a discount just for giving one of my games to someone else! Find out all about these opportunities!

In conjunction with UnCommon Courtesy's Bingo for Charities Program, the charity focuses of this website are seasonal programs related to winter holiday, charities focusing children and issues of childhood (excluding education), and child abuse. If you would like to visit the charity pages on this website, please click on the "Charities" button on the left sidebar. To see a complete list of participating charities, please visit uncommoncourtesy.org.

I hope that you enjoy visiting bingoforchristmas.com. If you don't see the set, game, or product that you are interested in, please email me from my contact page.  

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